Faculty at the Open University

Faculty at the Open University

Faculty of Economics

* Science and Economic Development Studies (S1)
* Management (S1)
* Accounting (S1)
* Taxation (DIII)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

* Library (DII)
* Translation (DIII)
* State Administration (S1)
Administration * Commerce (S1)
Sociology * (S1)
* General Government (S1)
* Communication Studies (S1)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

* Environmental Management (D1)
* Agriculture Extension (DIII) (Agriculture)
* Agriculture Extension (DIII) (Animal Husbandry)
* Agriculture Extension (DIII) (Fisheries)
* Mathematics (S1)
* Statistics (S1)
* Expertise Agriculture PKP (S1)
* Expertise Farming PKP (S1)
* Expertise Fisheries PKP (S1)
* Biology (S1)
* Food Technology (S1)

Faculty of Science Teaching and Education

* English Education (S1)
* English Language Education (S1)
* Biology Education (S1)
* Physics Education (S1)
* Chemical Education (S1)
* Mathematics Education (S1)
* Citizenship Education (S1)
* Education and Economic Cooperation (S1)
* Teacher Education Elementary / PGSD (S1)
* DII Sports Education (Elementary Teacher-Scholars)
* DII Sports Education (Teacher Swadana-SD)


* Master of Public Administration
* Masters in Fisheries Management
* Masters in Management