Millennium Development Goals or the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is an initiative that was formed in September 2000 by representatives from 189 countries have signed a declaration called the Millennium Declaration. Vision of the future who want to achieve is a world which, among others: the lower the poverty level, the lower the level of hunger and disease, have a high life expectancy is higher for mothers and children, able to provide education for children is better, there is a more healthy environment , braided and cooperation between developed and developing countries better. Millennium Development Goals is a commitment from the international community towards the development of the vision of development, the human as a key to achieve sustainable social and economic development by creating and developing cooperation and global partnership

Distance education, among others, has a nature, capable of reaching a large number of participants, the location of the broad reach, and flexibility in terms of time and place of study. PJJ characteristics have the potential to assist government in achieving the MDGs. Open University (UT), as higher education institutions with the mode PJJ wish to contribute more in achieving the MDGs goals through ideas and experiences. Activities through a national seminar is expected to occur in a meaningful exchange on the real contribution of education, especially PJJ support the achievement of the MDGs in.