Education is a planned and conscious effort to realize the atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that students are actively developing the potential to have himself religious spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intellect, noble character, and the skills required and the community itself.

Education includes teaching specific skills, and also something that can not be seen but that is more in-depth knowledge of, and policy considerations. One of the basic primary education is to teach culture through generations.


In a broader concept, the quality of education have any meaning as a result of the process and content of education as a whole. Quality education is the process and results are set in accordance with certain criteria and approach. The education process is an overall implementation of the education activities in various dimensions of both internal and external, both policy and operational, both educational and managerial, at both the macro level (national), regional, institutional, and instructional and individual; good education in schools and outside the lines schools, etc..

In this process of discussion of education is the education process is the process of quality education is determined by various factors related to each other. Quality education is not located in large or small schools, or private land, rich or poor, permanent or not, in the city or in the village, free or paid, the facility "wah and cool", or non-graduate teachers, dressed in uniform or not. Factors that determine the quality of the education process of a school is located in the dynamic elements that are in the school and the environment as a unit system. One of the teachers as the elements is in the forefront of the implementation of education at the institutional level, and instructional.

At the forefront of Guard Teacher Education

teachers is a key element in the overall process of education, especially at the level Institution and instructional. Without teachers, education will only be flown because the slogan of all forms of policies and programs ultimately will be determined by the performance of the parties are in the forefront, namely the teachers. "No teacher no education, no education no economic and social development" the basic principles that are applied in the development of education in
Vietnam based on the mandate of the nation, namely, Mr. Ho Chi Minh. Teachers become a central point and the beginning of all development of education.

The role of the teacher in connection with the quality of education, at least can be seen from the four dimensions as a private teacher, the teacher as the family element, the element of education as teachers, and teachers as elements of the community.
PROBLEMS and obstacles
Until now, there are many problems and obstacles related to the teacher as a reality that must be addressed immediately. Various efforts have been a lot of education is done through improvement of facilities, regulations, curriculum, etc.. but not to priority teachers as instructional level, especially in the aspect of welfare. Some of the problems and constraints related to the conditions of teachers, among others, as follows.

Quantity, quality, and distribution.

The aspect of quantity, the number of teachers that are still felt not enough for the students and the growing demands of development now. Lack of teachers in various types and levels, especially in primary school, is a big problem, especially in rural and remote areas. Aspects of quality, most teachers nowadays still do not have the required minimum of education. Data in Appendix 1 show that 2,783,321 people of which consists of teachers 1,528,472 civil servants, teachers and the rest (1,254,849 people) non-civil servants, only about 40%, which has already qualified and in S-1/D-IV top of it. The rest are still under the D-3 or lower. Aspects of distribution, there are still balance the distribution of teachers between schools and between the regions .. Aspects of the match, in the secondary and BC, there is still the teacher pat based on the subjects that should be taught.
Teacher education

Teacher education system both pre-and in his office was still not guaranteed proposed teachers who has authority and quality while not related to the other system. Pattern education teacher at this time to emphasize the academic side and less attention to the development of personality in addition to lack of demand with the development of the environment. Education teachers who have now is still the paradigm is Prop as teachers delivery knowledge so that it is assumed that a good teacher is that the knowledge and skilled disclose. This basic ignore teachers as facilitators in the pattern of learning and personality development in students. At the bottom of teacher education is the formation of personality in addition to control of teaching materials. Besides, the pattern of teacher education today is still isolated with the sub-system management, such as recruitment, placement, movement, campaigns, users, and professional development.
As a result of it all, the teachers produced by LPTK not associated with the condition of the field needs both the quantity, quality, and the prop with real needs.
Eventually choice will fall on the Open University in
Open University (UT) is a university-to 45 in Indonesia, which inaugurated on 4 September 1984 based on KEPPRES RI No. 41 Year 1984.

Learning system which is implemented by UT distance learning and open. The term means that the distance learning is not done in the face, but using the media, both print media (modules) and Non-print (audio / video, computer / Internet, broadcast radio and television). While the open is no age restriction, year diploma, the study, regristration time, and the frequency of the tests.

UT conducting two (2) education program, the program Pendas (Basic Education) and Non Pendas. Non Pendas Program is a program of education that can be followed by the general public, while Pendas program is a program that held specifically for teachers in Indonesia, the program S1 Elementary Teacher Education (PGSD) S1 and Early Childhood Education (early childhood).
Non Pendas in the program have also the Special Department for Field Studies Teacher Education S1 such as English, Mathematics Education S1 and others.

Now we focus to the program Pendas, UT representatives have also called the Unit of Learning Remote Open University (UPBJJ-UT), which spread to almost all of Indonesia, UPBJJ-UT can serve students from the UT information, registration, complaints to the value .
So we can imagine how much the number of teachers throughout the country and is part of the UT students, the UT to take part in the government's efforts for certification of teachers who will improve the quality of education for teachers in accordance with the Teacher Competency SD / MI, namely:
1. Have awareness and behave as citizens of the State-educated high-religious, democratic and intelligent.

2. The disciplines related to the substance and methodology of the scientific basis of the five academic subjects in primary schools.

3. Understanding the characteristics of children in certain age period, including how to learn, the ability early, learning difficulties and family background and the community needs to set the age of elementary school children learn in the context kebhinekaan culture.

4. Have the ability to design, implement and evaluate the education of referring to the full achievement of the goal of education

5. Able to develop in a sustainable professional ability.

Hopefully, with the facilities provided by the UT changes may provide a new fresh wind to the Professionalism of Teachers in
Indonesia to improve the nation's ingenuity.

UT salut ...

By. Novi