Recognition for World Open University

Open University (UT) still considered part of the community. In fact, higher land (PTN), which operates a distance learning system is open and has obtained recognition from national and international.

For example only in the beginning of 2008, UT was successful award winning Anugerah Anindyaguna from the Ministry of National Education (Education). UT also get international accreditation and quality certificates from the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is based in Oslo, Norway. "The quality that gets international recognition that all the hard work is the management of UT," said Rector of UT Atwi Suparman, the SP, some time ago.

So, he said, the international break contention that some people consider the UT eyes. Until this year, he said, UT has got a number of awards both nationally and internationally. "The glory of this nation is for UT was chosen as leader of higher education organizations in the distance all over Asia (the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU)) the period of 2008-2010," he said.

To get the awards and recognition as an international university class, according to him, not turn a hand. There are several criteria that must be achieved, for example, the service of teaching materials, learning and quality management. At this time, he said, universities in China is to learn about the management UT.

He said UT was born and develop as part of the national education system which operates a national distance education system (SPJJ). Therefore, he said, UT commitment in higher education is a commitment made to the national open access higher education for all children of the nation.

He added that since 2006 until September 2008, UT has obtained 21 certificates ISO 9001-2000. "ISO again targeted three established until the end of December 2008," he said.

Before obtaining ISO, UT in 2005 to obtain the Quality Certificate and the International Accreditation of the International Council for Open Distance Education (ICDE).
Atwi states, to improving the quality, university target predicate WTP (without reasonable exceptions) and 22 more can be obtained ISO to 2010 to come.

Many students

Of history, is the PTN to the UT-45 in Indonesia, which inaugurated on 4 September 1984, based on the RI Presidential Decree No. 41/1984. UT also is that most university students, more than 100,000, spread wide across the country. "Currently, students who registered to reach 430,000. In 2002, the number of students reached 264,375.

UT also classified in the Top Ten Mega University of the World and a founding member of The Global Mega University Network (GMUNET) and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Center (SEAME-SEAMOLEC), "said Atwi.

He continue, as a lecturer at UT is a teaching book author. "The amount is around 770 lecturers. And that can only lecturers from PTN other," he said. He was proceeding, the period of study or study in the old UT depends on the ability to learn and study time each student.

For example, in order to complete the S1 State Administration program, students have to a number of subjects that have been determined with the overall study load 144 SKS. When the registration period each student is able to climb 15 SKS, then the study can be completed within 10 registration period, or approximately 5 years. "Yes, once again depending on the students. UT system does not recognize the drop out," he said.

UT has four faculties and one post-graduate program that offers more than 30 programs. For the cost of college? Of course the cost of studying at UT is much cheaper. "Generally, Rp 1 million per semester," he said. Abreast with the international recognition and awards, now UT can not be seen to the eye. [W-12]